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Why women are dissatisfied with sex?

Australian scientists after a number of studies have announced the qualitative and quantitative composition of women who are dissatisfied with sex. The age of the respondents is from 18 to 40 years, the number of respondents is 7 thousand people.

The woman is dissatisfied with sex

Almost half of the fair sex who agreed to the survey is not satisfied with the quality of their sexual life. 11 % suffer from a critical attitude to themselves, which is why every case of intimacy leads to nervous experiences. Almost 8% complained of difficulties with achieving an orgasm, the same number admitted that they rarely experience sexual attraction at all.

Factors that contribute to the inability to enjoy sex may be reduced to several main positions:

  • Awareness of your guilt towards your partner;
  • Constraint;
  • Nervous tension;
  • Situation when the relationship is exhausted.

The recommendations of sexologists are simple: keep your body and soul healthy, and don't be afraid to talk openly with your partners.


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