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Why men love cunnilingus

There is an opinion that men like it when women give them oral sex. In fact, they themselves are happy to work with the tongue. Although some of them did not even try it or did not focus on the numerous advantages of this action.

oral fondling

Use the arguments from this article as soon as the need arises. And they are as follows:

Lack of psychological pressure

In classic sex without additional techniques, he is unlikely to last as long as it takes you to reach orgasm. And when he himself will give you pleasure, you will quickly reach the peak of pleasure, well, or you will be ready for a thorough battle in bed.

An interesting view that opens up to him

Just think; your breasts have never seemed so attractive to him. He doesn't see them from this angle in classic poses. A man will enjoy admiring you.

A reason to relax

He will not have to make rhythmic movements and sweat at the same time. Oral sex does not require significant physical effort. Your partner will definitely like this type of vacation. You may offer him to do cunnilingus.

Return the favor

That doesn't mean you have to give him a blowjob back, but the odds are better.

Head massage

Oral sex can be combined with a head massage. Run your fingers through his hair and start running them through.

Preparing for other kinds of love

The lubricant will be developed in sufficient quantity; you may go to the classic sex, in the name of which everything was started.

The way of warming up

He'll get excited right away; he'll enjoy watching you warm up.

Getting pleasure

Make each other feel good, thereby lifting the mood. Oral sex is a process that should bring mutual pleasure. Give each other frank caresses, be relaxed. With a loved one, you may do anything; it's time to overcome the constraint.


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