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Why a girl doesn’t get an orgasm during coitus

Many ladies are eager to meet with Natalya Ezhova. All of them have a similar problem. They can’t get orgasm. But this is not the end of the world and the problem can be solved.

why a woman can’t get orgasm

Orgasm is a bit like cycling. Once you learn to get it, then you can do it quickly. But first you need to train. Nobody has inborn cycling skills. First you master a tricycle and only after that a bicycle.

It’s the same with an orgasm. Some people learn to get it when they are children for example doing some sport. Other start learning when they are grown-ups. By the way some men learn to cum as well.

What to do if you make love and don’t get the result that you want?

The first questions that had to be asked was whether the ladies tried to do it with themselves and whether they succeeded in getting orgasm on their own. If the answer is negative, the ladies have to try. It will help to learn your body and reveal your sensuality.

If you are able to get orgasm on your own, it means that you are not frigid! Just you are doing something wrong and you have not learned to get orgasm with a man yet. Love yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel wrong.

Nataly Ezhova suggests giving clear instructions to your partner and telling him where to touch and how to do it. And for sure, don’t think of some vague diagnosis.


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