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Where you can't have sex

Those who like to have sex in public places should reconsider their views on such entertainment.

Where you can

If people have a strong sexual desire, it may lead to sex in any convenient or inconvenient place. Portal «Comments»‎ asked the opinion of experts-sexologists, which places are considered unsuitable for sex.

  1. Toilets. You should not have sex in small, uncomfortable toilet stalls in clubs, restaurants, or planes. These establishments are kept clean, but time passes between cleaning. Dozens of people go to the toilet, not all of them wash their hands thoroughly. So you may easily get E. coli.
  2. Locker rooms. There are all conditions for the reproduction of various bacteria, and you, having sex, may become their owners.
  3. Cinema theaters. Cleaning of armrests and seats in the halls takes place once every six months. Who just does not sit on them for a period of 6 months? In cinemas, they take dust for bacterial analysis and the result is disappointing, they always find Staphylococcus. Be more restrained and refuse sex in cinemas.


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