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When you are away from each other

Love doesn’t die during quarantine. Our colleagues talked to the specialists to find out their opinion on this topic. How to keep your feelings when you don’t have any opportunity to meet with each other? What to do if you don’t want tot break up with your partner?

long-distance feelings

While all people are in quarantine, it’s better not to break the rules. We shouldn’t leave our homes and meet other people. As a result, many couples are likely to split up because they can’t meet and spend time together as they used to.

If you turned out to be in such situation when you and your partner are separated because of quarantine, there are several things you can do to save your relationship and even to strengthen it.

May be you have already considered some of the variants. Others may seem fresh for you. We hope they will help you change your relations for the better.

The first tip is to have phone sex. Phone call is the simplest way to contact your partner. You can start with text messages in order to warm up your partner. Also you can send a couple of hot photos. You can turn it into a quest when you send some part of your body and the partner must guess what part it is. If you use your imagination, such games can excite both of you.

Another exciting game is puppet show. One partner is a puppet and the other is a puppeteer. He will tell you what to take off and what part of your body you must touch. This is a great way to learn about your partner’s sex preferences and to tell him about yours. After that you can switch the roles.


Webcam can help you to play truth or dare game. The rukes are very simple. The first player asks an intimate question. The second player can give an answer or choose an action. It means that the first player tells him what to do. In erotic variant it may be a task to take off some item of the clothes or to show some part of the body. This game will help you and your partner to learn each other better.

You may also play a famous strip game. it’s a verified way to get positive emotions and to become closer to each other.

Don’t be sad if you don’t have a chance to meet with your partner. Use your imagination and improve your relations.


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