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What you need to eat for good potency

Dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia told about nutrition for men, which will help to maintain and improve potency. But in addition to a healthy diet, General physical condition and weight control play an important role in this plan. It is necessary to control your own weight, since extra pounds always lead to violations of various functions of the body, including reproductive.

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Also, excess weight increases the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes in the body, and this also negatively affects potency. In obesity, these processes inhibit the production of the male sex hormone testosterone. To increase its level, you may only maintain an active lifestyle, in which extra pounds will no longer be a threat.

To preserve potency, it is not necessary to make a healthy diet and completely exclude harmful food, but it is important to add certain foods, including those rich in zinc. This substance is involved in the formation of male semen. Pumpkin seeds, seafood and garlic contain zinc. In addition, your menu should be supplemented with food containing useful fats, such as boiled eggs, but it is better to cook them so that the yolk remains liquid. In this case, it will retain fat lecithin, which, like zinc, is involved in the process of spermatogenesis.


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