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What you can’t tell a man in bed?

If you don’t want to spoil your relationship, you should be aware of the things you can’t tell a man while having sex.

things you can’t tell a man in bed

Remember that men have a very sensitive ego. When you drive a car better then they do or when they earn less than you – it can really hurt them. And of course, everything that concerns their virility and skills is very important for their self-esteem.

We have found out top 5 awful things that you must never mention in bed with your beloved. If you don’t want to break up, of course.

Don’t criticize him

It doesn’t mean you have to put up with all his actions if you don’t like them or if what he does hurts you. But try to be as delicate as you can. Don’t be bossy and don’t criticize or blame your man. After sex tell him very delicately and clearly what you disliked.

Don’t compare him with your ex

Never tell a man about your ex-boyfriends. Even if you man is self-confident, he won’t like to compete with your ex-boyfriend. He will feel as if there if a third person in your bed. Don’t create such situations.

Don’t discuss the size of his penis

This topic is very hot for men. Even if you find his genital organ too short, never let him know about it. And don’t run away from a man only because he has got a small penis. Give him a chance. Many man are able to bring pleasure even if their penis is small. If you want to discuss this topic with a man – make a compliment.

Don’t talk too much

If your man is aroused and wants to have sex, don’t talk about your shopping with a friend or your plans for the day. It can really irritate a man. Yuo can discuss it later. Concentrate on sex and your pleasure.

Don’t make plans

While having sex, don’t talk about marriage or future children. Otherwise you are likely to never see your partner again after sex. Talk about the things that excite him.

Five phrases you shouldn’t say in bed

1. Is that all? So quickly.

If there is such a problem, try to be delicate and offer your man an intricate foreplay. But don’t tell him that he’s too quick and you can’t cum.

2. So cute and so small.

Never say that about his penis. It will be the last thing that you tell to your boyfriend. Men don’t forgive women for saying such things.

3. Don’t worry, it can happen to everybody.

The fact that all men can have sexual problems will not comfort your man.

4. As for my ex…

Forget about discussing your ex-boyfriends as well as about discussing small penises.

5. How many woman have you had?

Probably you will not get a true answer, so it’s not worth asking!


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