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What oil to use for sex

Light sliding excites no less than kissing when touching during foreplay. A little massage oil will add new sensations. It will relax and add passion, while increasing sexual attraction to the partner. Scents can excite or calm emotions a little.

massage oil for sex

How to choose oil by smell

The effect depends on the fragrance of the product. A drop or two of essential oil is added to the massage product. It is important to choose it together with your partner. It should be nice for two people. Women are attracted to floral or fruit scents: strawberry, orange, rose, jasmine. Men prefer more tart smells: cedar, sandalwood. But choose a fragrance exclusively together and reveal notes that are pleasant for everyone: patchouli, ylang-ylang, myrtle. Many couples like the aroma of juniper oil.

Using an anti-cellulite agent is an original move during foreplay. Women apply it in advance. The application area will become softer and hotter to the touch. But it is important not to overdo it. Anti-cellulite products may have a strong warming effect, as indicated on the packaging. If you get on the mucous membranes, you will feel a burn, which is difficult to get rid of quickly.

How to apply a product for erotic massage

Massage oil is hypoallergenic and safe. It is applied to clean skin. There should be no wounds, abrasions, bruises, or inflammation on it.

For the first time, apply a few drops to the hands, RUB between the palms, massage the skin of the selected area of the body. If there are allergic reactions to odors or ingredients in the composition – stop using the oil product.

After the test, during caresses and sex, it is smeared all over the body, including the areas near the genitals. When contacting with mucous areas, it does not cause unpleasant sensations.

If you experience allergic reactions to odors or ingredients in the composition-do not continue using the oil product.

A few drops of oil will make the foreplay more enjoyable. Erotic massage is a spectacular technique for stimulating or relaxing the partner. It is equally pleasant for men or women. The skin after applying the oil becomes softer and tenderer. The pleasant smell of massage products and the warmth of touches will remain in your memory for a long time.


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