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Unexpected benefits of marital sex revealed

Scientists have reported important information. Regular sex, of course, is a factor of healthy passion. However, people should not have sex just to prolong their lives.

the benefits of unexpected sex

It is worth noting that an active sex life is useful for those people who have experienced a myocardial infarction. It is noted that after an attack, the survival rate in people with regular sex is higher.

Scientific work was carried out. In the course of this work, scientists have been monitoring 1120 volunteers. Men and women who were followed by scientists had a heart attack in 1992-1993. Scientists completed the experiment in 2015. During this time, 524 volunteers died for various reasons. This trend was established among the surviving participants. Those who had sex three times in a week had the lowest mortality rate. They were almost a third less likely to die than the others. Among those who had sex once a week, the mortality rate was 12% lower. Those who occasionally engaged in sexual contact had the worst indicators. Their indicators dropped to 8%.

According to scientists, it is very important to return to regular sex after an attack. This is important at least from the point of view of the fact that regular sex can prolong life. After all, if you compare people who regularly have sex after a heart attack and those people who refused to have sex, you may see the difference. In the first case, the life expectancy is significantly higher than in the second.

Of course, regular sex is the key to a healthy old age. But, nevertheless, people should not have sex just to maintain their health.

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