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TOP 6 products for enhancing sex drive and quality of sex

The portal «7 days» published a list of products that will help improve intimate life, bring the hormonal background to normal. The list of 6 products was made by the famous Moscow sex coach Ekaterina Fedorova. The rating of products is determined by an empirical method – an experiment was conducted, the results of which are recorded and described.

Which products improve sex?
  1. Bitter chocolate contains cocoa beans, which increase the production of endorphins, give energy.
  2. Natural honey restores the level of testosterone, which is involved in the production of sperm, provides a full sexual life.
  3. Chili pepper increases blood circulation in the pelvic organs, greatly increases libido.
  4. Any nuts help to increase the potency.
  5. Fatty fish, seafood improve the quality of sperm.
  6. Quail eggs contain a lot of protein.


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