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Top 6 facts about intimate life after having a baby

If you are planning to have a new family member you may wonder what you sexual life will be like after childbearing. Don’t worry, your sexual life will still exist though the baby will have a certain influence on it.

intimate life after childbearing

How will your sexual life change after childbearing?

  1. It takes time to bring your sexual life to the previous level. Even if your childbearing was easy and you didn’t have Cesar section, your hormone level will anyway be different. The decrease of the estrogen will cause discomfort in your vagina. Gynecologists claim that after one or two months it will get better. Use lubricants to avoid dryness or satisfy each other using hands and lips.
  2. No time for sex. Lack of night sleep, baby crying, baby blues and lots of worries interfere your sexual life and make is worse. But that’s not the only reason. While a woman is breastfeeding her baby, a special hormone, oxytocin, is thrown in her blood. This hormone decreases the libido and it is quite natural. This hormone is a hormone of love and devotion.
  3. Intimacy after childbearing is essential. A sexologist from New York claims that sex after childbearing is not only possible, but very important. Use new toys and try new positions. Be closer to each other. Otherwise you will feel more like flatmates then spouses and it can lead to breakup.
  4. Practice spontaneous sex. Of course you have no time for romantic dinners and nights full of passion. But spontaneous sex in the kitchen, on the table or it the hall will keep the fire burning. And listening to the rustle will just add some spice into your lovemaking.
  5. Make love in the daytime. In the night you may be too tired or busy with the baby. Use daytime when the baby is sleeping for making love. At this time you are fresh and full of energy.
  6. The quality of sex after childbearing may improve. The vagina becomes more sensitive and new erogenic zones appear. Many women say that they got their first orgasm only after having a baby.

As you see, intimate life after childbearing can be great. Get used ti your new role and don’t forget that you are a beautiful woman.


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