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TOP – 5 sex positions instead of a workout

Now all the gyms are closed because of coronavirus pandemic and it’s difficult to find a way how to do sports. Sex is a great alternative to sport.

sex instead of sport

Not only barbells and dumbbells can help keep you fit. You can also have sex for this purpose.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the gym, these poses will help you quickly burn extra calories.


A girl is lying on her back, her knees pulled to her chin. A partner is standing on his knees leaning towards his woman so that her feet touch his stomach. Each approach has an arbitrary duration, and a pause lasts until the recovery of strength.

It is worth noting that this pose perfectly replaces the hip flexion in the simulator.


In this position, you need to connect the partner - this is not so easy to do, but it is worth the effort. The girl stands on the floor in doggy style position. The man is in a semi-squat with his back turned to her. After that, he tilts his body so that he has the opportunity to penetrate her. Then he needs to start doing squats with an amplitude of several centimeters.

This pose may well replace squats.

Persistent farmer

The girl jumps on her partner and hugs his neck. The man leans against the wall and the girl leans her knees against the wall. The man holds her back and lets her touch the floor. Then the sexual act starts. Don’t do that for more then several minutes, otherwise the girl will have a headache.

Such a posture can replace deadlift.


A man stands behind his partner and presses the groin to her hips. Then he throws her leg over his thigh and does frictions, while stimulating her breast or clitoris.

This position is an alternative to pelvic lifting with support on fit-ball.


The man takes a doggy-style position and then leans back on his feet. In yoga this position is called “a student”. A woman comes to him and he squeezes her shines between his. After that you should rhythmically tighten the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen, so that the partner feels enlightenment.

It is worth noting that this position can serve as a good alternative to reverse twisting, as well as raising legs in the hang.


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