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Top 5 best and the most comfortable sex positions

In different times you may want different types of sex. Quick and slow, harsh and gentle..If you want to give new deep emotions to your partner and to diversify your sexual life, try these five sex positions.

sensual sex

These position allow partners to see faces of each other. Sex in such positions can be longer, but it will be full of emotions and let you see emotions of your partner.

1. Hugs.

This position is perfect in those cases when you don’t have a bed. You will need an armchair. A woman is sitting on an armchair and a partner is leaning his knee againt an armchair or floor depending on his height. The most important thing is that a man and a woman see each other’s faces.

2. Reversed missionary.

In this variant of missionary position a woman is on top. Thus she has a better control over the angle of penetration. The position is perfect for a foreplay. Partners can hug, kiss and touch each other.

3. Puzzle.

Both partners are lying on their sides, face to face. Their legs are crossed. If they move simultaneously, it can give a strong emotional connection.

4. Lap dance.

A man is sitting and tucking his legs under. A woman is sitting on his lap, looking in his eyes and hugging his neck. They have an eye-contact and can kiss each other.

5. Half squatting.

It’s not a position for penetration, but it gives a chance to read each other emotionally. It can be very passionate and hot.


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