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Top 3 sexual positions in which a woman works with her own hands

If you are bored with classic sex, then you should make a variety of relationships. This will strengthen the Union and get new unforgettable feelings.

Sex positions

One example of diversity is petting. In this case, sexual intercourse, as such, does not occur.

Such games in bed require some physical training and endurance. But believe me; they will diversify your leisure time.

Especially worth noting is the trio of the most popular poses:

  • «King»: a man lies on his back, a woman works with her hand (from the base of the penis up and back): 7 times up, 1 time down. The compression strength and speed vary.
  • «Tender bud»: partners sit facing each other. The man gently passes the woman's labia between his fingers so that the clitoris is between them. With the other hand, the partner caresses a tender bud.
  • «Nice push-ups»: the partner stands over the partner in a push-up position so that his penis is opposite her face. If the female partner does not like a blowjob, then she may work with the handles.

This pleasant pastime can be both self-sufficient, and act as a prelude to passionate sex. However, you need to remember that you need to negotiate such a thing «on the beach», so as not to get an unpleasant refusal in bed.


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