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TOP 3 men's habits that irritate women

It's no secret that women are not satisfied and sometimes strained with some men's sex fads and habits. «Cosmo» portal published the most outrageous sexual habits that were obtained as a result of a survey of female readers.

Bad habits of men

Top 3:

  1. Having sex in socks. They stay on their feet in order to give confidence and a sense of security; it's just laziness or just cold feet.
  2. Selfishness in sex. Unwillingness to listen to the preferences of your female partner, consider only your needs, not caring about the feelings and sensations of your lady. This behavior demonstrates how much difference there is between the sexuality of women and men. This habit is also annoying in everyday relationships.
  3. Taking a shower or smoking immediately after sex. Not that you don't need to wash after sex, but that you shouldn't gallop into the shower immediately after the final. A woman needs attention not only before and during sex, but also after it.


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