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TOP 3 favorite positions of women in sex

The Internet portal «UNIAN» conducted a survey of experts and found out which poses are best. It was about the positions in which the woman is on top.

Poses where women rule

Option No1. Pose of a horsewomen as well as all sorts of its varieties. While the partner goes to bed and relaxes, the woman sits on top of him, as if straddling him. And, thus, assert power over them. This way you can not only stimulate the G-spot, but also regulate the depth of penetration and the pace yourself.

Option No2. «Crab». The man sits down, spreads his legs, stretches them out, and puts his hands on the floor. His female partner sits on top of him, facing him. This way she transfers her weight to the limbs, and is placed behind the male thighs. But this position is fraught with injuries in the stronger sex, because it is extremely unstable. For this reason, you should only use this position on the floor or on another similar surface.

Option No3. «Move from the needle of male approval to his face.» When the man is lying down, the woman sits down so that her vagina is above his face and rotates her hips as she likes until she reaches orgasm. But you should be careful not to make sudden movements and not create too much stress on the partner's face.


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