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Top-10 sex-fantasies

When the quarantine caused by quick spreading of coronavirus happened, many couples turned out to be separated from each other. If you don’t want the flame of your love to go out, send each other playful messages. It will help you to preserve the passion in your relations.

sex fantasy

“I miss your sensual tender lips caressing my neck”. Make you boyfriend remember the happy moments you have had together. Happy memories will excite him.

“When I think of our meeting, I can’t help arching my back”. Don’t simply say that you miss his. Give details describing certain parts of your body that your boyfriend especially likes. It will provoke his passion.

“What actress or pop-star do you consider the sexiest? Send me her photo”. Thus you will be able to understand what type of sexuality your boyfriend prefers. In response, you can send a photo of your favorite actor.

“In a couple of weeks you will be able to hug me, kiss me and hold me in your arms”. It sounds very sensual and tender and gives estimated dates, which is especially important in current situation.

“If only you could hear my moans while I'm masturbating” (you can say “touching myself if you avoid such explicit words). Promise your man to show how you are doing it when ypu meet. Also you can send an audio with your sexual sounds.

“When we finally meet, what part of my body you will kiss first? What will we after that?”. Such sweet yearning will make him look forward to your meeting. If you discuss it more often what you will do after quarantine, your mutual passion will grow.

“I’m going to make an order in sex shop. Will you help me?”. Choosing the toys and discussing your sex preferences will improve your sexual life. Fantasize how you will use your toys together.

“Can you send me a voice message? I’m just touching myself and your tender voice will help me to reach the peak”. Yes, it’s very straightforward but it will surely excite your man.


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