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To bring back sex after childbirth: mission may be accomplished

Within two months after delivery, the damage of the genitals is restored, and the risk of opening bleeding is reduced.

sex after childbirth

The return to intimacy after the birth of a child does not occur immediately. Not all couples may return to the sexual life they had before giving birth. This is not due to a loss of interest in each other. The relationship between the spouses is changing. They are becoming more mature. There is a special spiritual kinship between them.

What changes in a woman's body during the postpartum period:

  • the uterus is cleared within two months, the discharge can last up to eight weeks after birth and gradually disappear;
  • often there are ruptures of the perineum, which causes pain;
  • infection can easily enter the uterine cavity through gaps in the perineum or stitches.

According to the doctor, it is in the first two months that the damage is restored and the risk of bleeding is reduced. In the first days and weeks after birth, the risk of infection is high, and after one and a half to two months, it is significantly reduced, as the tissues are gradually restored. After a caesarean section, a return to sexual activity is possible in two and a half to three months.

What problems may occur during sex after childbirth?

A woman has no sexual desire due to a change in priorities. From now on, her whole life is subordinate to the child. This is quite normal! The spouse should be patient, and gradually everything will come back to normal.

Fear of experiencing pain. All fears must be discussed with the partner in any case. You can't ignore them.

Change of habitual feelings. After childbirth, the proportions and shape of the genitals change slightly in women. For example, the vagina expands and is in a relaxed state for the first months after the birth of a child. As a result, the sensations during sexual intercourse become different. Don't worry, this is a temporary condition. To enhance the sensations, you may have sex using those poses in which the legs are tightly compressed. You may also speed up this process by doing Kegel exercises.

«Each couple's sexual life resumes differently after giving birth. Difficulties are easily overcome when a man and a woman feel love, affection and respect for each other. Then they will definitely cope with all the problems. Summarizing all the above, I can give women the following tips:

  1. There is no need to hurry with intimacy, it is better to wait two months.
  2. Don't be afraid to talk to your partner about your worries and concerns.
  3. Do not immediately expect an excellent result, you need to be patient and diligent, and then you will be successful»,

– the gynecologist summed up.

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