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11 things we didn't worry about when we were young

Adults, before indulging in love joys, focus on various details. They care about things that in their younger years seemed like nonsense: how long ago the sheets were changed and how many poses he tried.

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Does he use expensive bed linen?

There is a mattress and this is fine.

Are clothes scattered on the floor?

It is worse but no big deal.

How long ago have the sheets been washed?

You think they're clean, even if they're not. You've seen worse spots.

How many porn movies does he have in his room?

You're here to make love, so why go digging into his hobbies?

Did he shave before the meeting?

He is not prickly and this is fine. You may have body hair, too.

Will he be able to bring you to orgasm?

If he tries, that's fine. You will give him bonus points for his approach to the case, please him with languid sighs.

Will he be able to take off your underwear?

If anything, you may handle it on your own.

Had he lost his virginity or had not?

You may teach him anything you like yourself.

Did he have an affair with any of your girlfriends?

If you've slept with everyone – it's bad, of course. If he went on a date with one of them, it's okay.

Is he in the mood for a serious relationship?

Before the first date in bed, no one makes serious plans.

Does he have a decent job?

It has nothing to do with sex.

Will he make breakfast?

You may have breakfast and chips with cola or go for a snack in a cafe.

In any case, you will be grateful to him for sex. You may soon want to repeat it. It's up to you to decide, based on the situation, without thinking about nonsense.


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