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The rules of an ideal lover

When you are talking, you can create a perspective of a good sex. But not everybody can openly talk about sex and sometimes you have to learn to do it.

ideal lover

Try to radiate sex

If while making love you feel uncomfortable, be it bad lingerie or a bad haircut, you must get rid of this trouble as soon as possible. Visit a beauty salon or go to the gym, have your nails and hair done or buy a new dress. It’s very important to feel confident if you want to attract the looks of men.

Remember that extra sexuality turns men off. Don’t look vulgar and don’t wear too short skirts or too bright makeup. You must e attractive and a bit flirty.

Learn to listen to your partner and talk about your desires

If you don’t know how to start, start with asking your partner about his preferences in sex and what he would like to add to your sexual life. Maybe he wants to improve your foreplay or change sex positions or some other things. Thus you will be able to understand your partner and what he really likes.

The partner is likely to ask you the same question in return. Don’t be shy and don’t tell that everything is fine. Take a deep breath and tell your partner what you really want in sex and what you like and dislike about your intimate life. We are sure your partner will be eager to make your sex dreams come real.

Start doing sport

It’s not only to make a perfect body, but it will also help you keep healthy. Choose what you like most be it yoga, dancing or jogging. Sport will help you sleep better and have a good blood pressure.

Also sport will help you feel confident and sexy especially if you choose pilates or pole dancing.

Watch good porn

Many sexologists consider it a good idea to watch porn. It really helps you become more liberated. But don’t try to copy the actors. Don’t make big silicon boobs or try all sex positions. Watch how the woman is moving and how she shows her emotions and what she does during sex. It’s very important for a man to know that his woman gets maximum pleasure and it’s important to show it. In this case a man will do his best to please you. It’s absolutely normal and it’s not something bad to reveal your sexuality.

Explore your body

Sex toys will help you do it. You must learn all your erogenic zones in order to be able to show them to your partner. Masturbate and find out what kinds of movements you like and dislike and how to make you cum.

If you consider it too dissolute, think of those 15% of women who according to statistics never achieved orgasm in their life. They lost heavily. That’s why in order to learn your own body go to sex-shop and find something interesting there. You can take your partner with you. Such experience will make you even closer. Buy a sex costume, a dildo, a vibrator or a device to stimulate your clitoris. Maybe, you partner will be eager to try handcuffs or unusual condoms. Open up your mind and don’t be afraid to try new things. Be sure, your partner will support you.


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