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The right ways to achieve an orgasm

Sexologists say that sex should bring satisfaction to both partners. The intimate process simply has to end with an orgasm. If this does not happen, then the human body begins to fail, which may negatively affect health.

How to achieve an orgasm?

To get an orgasm during sex, you may use some methods:

«The excitement by the action»

Often men motivate by the fact that sex with a condom reduces the effect of orgasm. This is obviously an erroneous statement. A good prelude can be a situation when a lady begins to masturbate while her partner puts a condom on his penis.

«Women's secrets»

There are female condoms that a lady can insert into her vagina before sex. This will help during sexual intercourse not to be interrupted by taking contraceptive measures. Believe me; the partner will appreciate this move.

«Naughty lips»

In some cases, oral sex requires contraception no less than the sexual act itself. But even this moment can be varied. For example, start putting a condom on your partner's penis with your lips. This will bring a lot of new sensations to the intimate life of the couple. But during such intimacy, you should act carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the condom.


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