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Thailand proposed to legalize prostitution

The Kingdom of Thailand proposed to legalize the sale of toys for adults, as well as prostitution. The authorities believe that this will help to cope with the constant increase in sexual violence in the country. This proposal was made by one of the deputies of the Parliament.

legalization of prostitution

He believes that the state must necessarily help those who cannot afford to pay for sex due to lack of finances. According to statistics, low-income people are most likely to commit violence. The deputy believes that if people do not have money to satisfy their sexual desire, then this pushes them to commit crimes. He believes that legalizing prostitution will eliminate the problem of sexual violence in the Kingdom.

The Thai Parliament has asked the House of representatives to support the initiative, which so far adheres to the fact that it should study all the proposed options as best as possible, and then choose the best of them. The Thai Parliament plans to submit its proposals on the bill in July.

There have been several high-profile cases of rape in Thailand recently. In this regard, the citizens of the country demanded to introduce forced chemical castration of rapists. This proposal will also be considered by the Parliament and may be included in the draft law.


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