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Scientists have solved the problem of astronaut sex in space

The basic instinct in zero gravity does not disappear. But the orbital station is not a place where you can invite your soulmate. What should cosmonauts do if they have to stay there for several months at a time? Canadian scientists seem to have found a way out.

Sex in space

A group of researchers at Concordia University was searching for a way to release sexual energy in space. Project manager Dube Simon admitted that the main problem was that normal sex in space is a difficult event to perform due to the lack of familiar physical characteristics of the environment.

According to the HB portal, research on this problem was successful. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the sexual discharge of astronauts, and in the future, space tourists may provide erotic bots – special, specially designed sex toys.

Standard earth sex robots or sophisticated models with artificial intelligence and even able to create some alternative virtual reality may be used as erobots.


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