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Scientists claim that coronavirus can lead to female sterility

At the very start of the pandemic it was announced that only elderly people and those with chronic diseases are at risk. But now the research shows that it is not so. Here is more information on the virus.

sterility because of coronavirus

Pregnant women may be infected with coronavirus too. It causes respiratory distress of the baby and leads to its prenatal death.

In the Chinese medical institute of the city Jining the scientists have discovered the ability of COVID-19 to make principal changes in the reproductive system of girls and women.

As we know, the ACE2 proteins are the gates of the virus and they are located not only in the mouth and nose, but also on the genitals of a human.

Thus, coronavirus affects the vagina, uterus, ovaries, as well as the placenta, the organ that is formed during pregnancy. Because of this, a case of abortion has been registered in Dnepr region.

If a non-pregnant woman gets infected, SARS-CoV-2 can disrupt the menstrual and ovarian cycle, cause inflammation of the pelvic organs and other pathologies, which leads to malfunctions in the endocrine system of the genital organs and can lead to sterility.

Earlier it was proved that the virus can be transmitted sexually from an infected man, which increases the risks of its attachment to the reproductive organs of women and the development of sequela.


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