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Poses that all women secretly dream of

Spring is a great time of year. In spring blooms all around, people and spring is a great time of year. In spring blooms all around, people and nature wake up after a long winter. And along with this, people's sexual arousal increases. Together with the beginning of spring, couples want to bring something new to their sex life; they are already ready to experiment.

Poses that women dream of

Below you will find the most sensual and gentle poses that are very easy to perform. These poses are perfect for spring sex:

  • The first pose is called «Today in a gentle dance we are spinning»‎. The man sits on the edge of a surface, the woman sits on top. Then the female partner moves up and down, in a circle, experimenting with the movements. At this time, her partner kisses her breasts, neck, and other erogenous zones.
  • «The spoon without the sediment»‎. The partners lie on their sides, and then the man penetrates the woman from behind. During the process, to make it even more pleasant for the woman, the partner may put his arm around her and stimulate the clitoris.
  • «Winged swings fly»‎. The man places on the edge of the bed, the woman sits facing him, then the partner takes her by the arms, and the female partner leans back. You need to catch the rhythm, then this pose will become very sensual.


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