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Poses from the Kama Sutra that you should try

Do you want to please your loved one with a depraved erotic show? Indulge in lovemaking with him to try out the most original poses from the Kama Sutra together. Save the classics for later or improve them.

depraved poses from the Kama Sutra


If your boyfriend likes to experiment with sex, the Kama Sutra recommends an original version of the pose when you are on top. The man lies across the bed, and you settle on him and start moving.

Feeling the approach of the peak of pleasure, stop, gently hug your lover's sides with your hands. You need to move him to the edge of the bed. When the upper part of his body hangs down, start moving again. The rush of blood to the brain will increase his pleasure at the moment of orgasm. But this pose is suitable only for those representatives of the stronger sex who have a stable erection. Otherwise, the result may be sad.

A variation of the classic sitting posture

You need to throw the body back and grab his legs in the ankle area with your hands. The man needs to bend forward and start the action, slide up and down. The more he bends forward, the easier it will be for you to move. Otherwise, his penis will slip out of you. In this sexual position, the penis of a man will penetrate into the most inaccessible points of the vagina. In addition, your clitoris will be in contact with your partner's body. You will get a lot of pleasure from this pose.


If you like it when a man is behind you, experiment with this pose. Turn around to face the bed, taking a standing position, bend over. You need to rest your head and hands on it. When the man is inside, let him lift one of your legs and hold it by the ankle during sexual intercourse. The raised leg provides access to the G-spot. Her intense stimulation will quickly lead you to the peak of pleasure. So quickly you have never reached an orgasm, see for yourself, trying out a new pose.

At right angles

The Kama Sutra says that this pose is suitable only for flexible women. If you have a problem with that, try something else. Well, if not, feel free to experiment. The man will dominate, and you will lie on the bed and stretch out one leg, the other lift up. The guy needs to straddle the leg lying on the bed and enter you. The leg that is stretched up, throw it over your shoulder. This position will give him the opportunity to perform frictions back and forth and stimulate the points of the vagina that are difficult to reach when making love in classic positions.

Erotic bayan

Do you want a man to be completely at your mercy? Test the position for making love when the girl is on top. A man needs to lie on his back and pull his knees up to his chest. You should spread your legs and sit on top of him. The more he presses his knees to his chest, the easier it will be for you to take the pose of a rider. After that, you may start moving. First, it should be light friction, and then allow his penis to penetrate to the maximum depth. In this position, all the power will be in your hands. You will be able to set the pace of the frictions that you like. Ask your man in the process of the action to gently slap you on the ass. This pose will appeal to both of you, and will bring a lot of fun.


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