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Peculiarities of blindfold sex

Having blindfold sex you can get lots of unforgettable emotions and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

blindfold sex

If you agree for blindfold sex, at the very beginning it may seem unusual, but then you will start enjoying it. If not your eyes, but your partner’s eyes are blindfolded, put your hand on him so that he can feel safe.

Everything at once.

Put your blindfold and lye on your stomach in order to feel safe. Your partner can caress your body with a piece of ice or a feather. It can be followed by sex or erotic massage.

Mystic dance.

Blindfold your partner’s eyes and sit on top of him. Watch his face expressions change without looking at his eyes. Ask him to put his hands on your breasts. After that you can turn your back to your partner in order not to see him too.


Blindfold your eyes and lye on your back. Put a pillow under your hips. Let your partner bring you to the top of pleasure. You can do the same sitting on the chair. Some people say that being unable to see strengthens their emotions.

Full immersion.

This position is not for the freshers in blindfold sex. Both partners must have their eyes blindfolded. A woman can lye on her back and put her feet on her partner’s shoulder. Both of you will have extraordinary emotions.


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