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Now the British should only spend the night at home

On June 1, 2020, the legislation in Britain changed. The amendments were adopted due to the epidemic. Now the British have to spend the night only at home. It is also forbidden to have sex outside your home. Journalists reacted to such changes with a certain amount of irony. They noted that under the new rules, both people can answer according to the law.

Brits should spend the night at home

However, to break into a home in order to count those who are there, the police, however, do not have the right. But if they suddenly become aware of such a violation, they have the right to ask the night guest to return to his home. It is forbidden to use force. In some cases, the police officer may issue a fine to the violator or even arrest him.

At the same time, some people are allowed to spend the night in someone else's house. For example, they will not punish athletes who participate in competitions or a woman who is hiding from violence. Nurses who provide continuous care for bedridden patients, charity workers and people on business trips, people who accompany their children, people who are ill and need treatment in a hospital, as well as those who for some reason are not able to live in their home can also stay out of the house.

Interestingly, it is illegal to visit a living relative, but visiting a relative who has already died is quite legal.

The same rules apply to street meetings. This applies to a meeting of more than 6 people living in different houses and if these people do not keep a distance. The ban also applies to meetings of at least two people for certain joint activities, which imply that the participants will be in close contact.

But there is also good news. Police officers should be guided by common sense in such a situation. Measures should be taken only if it was not possible to reach an agreement with the participants of the events in a peaceful manner.

This law is unlikely to work. Police officers in Britain do not have the power to break into apartments in this case. Accordingly, it will not be easy to catch violators.


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