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Married police officer on duty caught having sex with three women

A married police officer from the UK was forced to resign after being caught having sex with three women at the same time while on the job.

sex with three women

There was a case against him for violating the ethics of law enforcement officers. In addition, he did not follow the instructions and orders established by law, and his behavior was discreditable.

The prosecution during the trial reported that the police officer had sexual relations with two women for 6 years, namely from 2012 to 2018, but the duration of the relationship with the third woman is not established. All meetings were held exclusively during business hours, which is contrary to any rules.

One of the women told about how she met a police officer. It turns out that he came to her house to arrest her son. After that, they began to correspond, and then everything grew into something more. The police officer was visiting the woman in her home only during the performance of official duties. He was always dressed in uniform and in a company car. She noted that sexual acts between them occurred exclusively by mutual consent of the parties and no one raped her.

Over time, the woman realized that the police officer uses her only to satisfy his instincts. He didn't consider spending time with her without having sex. The man also asked not to tell anything about it when his colleagues come to clarify the information. At the time of the request, he already knew that an investigation was underway.

The police officer denies any wrongdoing. To date, the investigation has not yet been completed.


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