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Is sex safe during COVID-19?

Even in such hard times when we can’t leave our homes and can’t go to nightclubs to find a partner for one-night stand, it’s still very hard to refuse from sex.

sex during pandemic

So how can we make our intimate life safe during pandemic? A couple of months ago nobody could imagine that all people would stay at home not being able to go out.

Coronavirus affected all spheres of human life including sex. All borders are closed and people can’t visit public places. How can we make love when we all have to stay at home and wash our hands?

We know that the incubation period of the disease is about two weeks, you can never be sure that your sexual partner is healthy. In this period a person can look healthy and non-suspicious. So it’s evident that you can get infected while making love with your partner.

So, how can we protect ourselves during pandemic?

Lucky are those who have a constant partner, especially if they live together. Couples living together and being in quarantine have almost no chances to get infected.

If you had been alone before the pandemic was announced, don’t look for a new partner. It may be very dangerous for you. You don’t necessarily have to make love to get infected. Virus can live on a person’s skin and can be spread with saliva so you can get infected just kissing or touching your new partner. Even if your new friend looks absolutely healthy, he can spread the virus on you.

Also it is not recommended to make love with your partner out of home. You can never be sure that the place where you are going to have sex, is sterile. A virus can live on any surface for a couple of days, or, sometimes, for a week or more.

A virus doesn’t live on a mucosa. If you wash your hands before having sex, it can protect you from getting infected. It’s a good idea to make love in the shower because you can wash all your body and make sure there is no virus on it. Soap kills the virus, don’t forget about it.

If you don’t have a partner and you have decided to touch yourself using your hands or sex toys, don’t forget about disinfection. Apply desinfectant on your hands and toys and get unforgettable sensations even if you don’t have a partner. It’s much safer than having a one-night-stand during isolation. You will not get a virus but you will get satisfaction and joy.


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