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In summer you can have an outdoor sex

Summer is a great season for making love out-of-doors. Sex helps you keep fit and always be in high spirits. If you are bored with usual sex locations, we will tell you where you can make love out-of-doors.

summer sex


Girls are romantic so a date on a roof will not leave them indifferent. But don;t forget about safety measures.

A chance to be caught 0/5

A mountain with a castle

It’s a nice place only when you are traveling. It doesn't make sense to go to this place just for sex. But be careful, strange people like satanists like to meet on the mountain.

A chance to be caught 3/5

Botanic garden

It’s pleasant to walk along the paths of a botanic garden and enjoy the trees and flowers. But this place is also good for making love. Try not to face with a security. Otherwise you may be fined.

A chance to be caught 3/5

A singing field.

It’s not a very popular place as concerts are not held here. There are many trees so you won’t have problems making love there. If you come to this place in the evening, you may have sex on the bench.

A chance to be caught 3/5

A tram

Try to choose the rout that goes through the forest or a wood. It’s better to have sex in the tram in the morning when they are empty. But you must do everything quickly. If you want to enjoy each other, just get of the tram and go to the forest

A chance to be caught 4/5


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