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Human reproduction in space

When the Earth ceases to be suitable for the existence of people on it, then the question of escape from the native Land will be considered. People will need to make an interstellar flight. But, of course, you need to prepare for this success in advance.

sex in space

The leading defense research Agency under the auspices of the US special Agency DARPA-Pentagon, responsible for developing new technologies for the military and showing interest in the prospects of interstellar travel, demonstrates its capabilities for the near future. For simple reasons, DARPA believes that a person's desire for survival can lead to the success of interstellar flight.

However, even the flight of the nearest star to our Solar system, Proxima Centauri, will require several generations of astronauts on a hypothetical spacecraft. Thus, after thirty years of interplanetary travel, the American space traveler Voyager 1 covered only 1% of the distance to the nearest Proxima Centauri.

Thus, reproductive problems, namely sexual intercourse in space at long distances, fertilization and childbirth, raised questions from the online publication of the London Daily Mail. Despite the obvious and still unsolved problems, «crazy» DARPA scientists position themselves as mentors in the task at hand. We are talking about the implementation of flights in the next hundred years.

These are ideas put forward by DARPA experts for consideration at the scientific conference «100 years and DARPA before interstellar flight». A meeting was held to discuss the prospect of human reproduction in a gravity-free environment.

Since it is very difficult for a female partner to get fertilization from an astronaut in such conditions, and also considering that the subsequent birth will be too difficult to accept, scientists have clearly shown the evidence that in weightlessness, the process of intercourse is very difficult. In this situation, partners will be swayed from side to side.

Partners will get hit against the walls of the spacecraft, if they do not use cunning and dexterity to bind each other and not fly in different directions. Also, gravity is of great help when a child is born, since it is the earth's gravity that pushes it out of the womb.

However, colleagues from DARPA scientists and experts warn that a long stay in space in weightless conditions can damage the process of fertilization and the health of children conceived in space.

Indeed, scientific research on the International space station (ISS) has shown that the long months spent by astronauts in earth orbit have caused great harm to the human body. Scientific studies show that this affects the muscle tissue and bones of astronauts.

Yes, of course, creating «artificial gravity» in a future spacecraft will definitely help. However, in modern scientific and technical parameters, people still cannot get such technology. By the way, for adult cosmonauts in space, interstellar radiation is probably the most dangerous, especially for their offspring.

However, if any real disaster occurs worldwide, threatening the Earth, then there will be no other choice, interstellar flight will remain the only option. DARPA experts said that their project «100 years of interstellar flight» will put into orbit the latest achievements in physics, mathematics, biology, economics, psychology, society, politics and culture, including the achievements of technology.

Skeptics say that it is too early to talk about interplanetary flight, and the same applies to interstellar flight. There is no evidence that there are any types of «exoplanets», that is, planets discovered outside the Solar system that are suitable for human life and development. Of course, this is true. It is wiser to rely on our native Earth than on something unknown.

Of course, another thing is that if a huge asteroid or comet threatens the Earth, a complete eruption of volcanoes and another disaster. Even then, you need to prepare for a «business trip» to other stars. Because if humanity doesn't hurry, it will end up doing what happened to the dinosaurs.


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