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How unprotected sex is useful

It is believed that unprotected sex protects the psyche of both partners, but the use of contraception leads to increased stress levels in the body. This conclusion was reached by researchers who decided to pay their attention to this problem.

unprotected sex

There is an opinion that condoms are completely harmless, with no side effects. They protect against most sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, and more.

In fact, this myth is strongly supported by condom manufacturers, according to a professor at the University of Scotland.

Since 2008, he has published various studies, according to which, it is considered more useful for health to have sex without a condom than with it.

It is believed that unprotected sex protects the psyche of partners, but condoms increase the level of stress in the body. As a result, even a depressive state may occur.

The professor does not deny that condoms do their job to some extent. However, they are harmful to a person's mental health.

Doctors emphasize that you should not regularly have sex without using condoms. Do this only with your regular partner, in whom you are 100% sure. However, if we look at the issue in general, then unprotected sex is much more useful for a person's mental health.

The professor's research was confirmed in the course of studies of Americans. The respondents were 300 girls.

It turned out that those representatives of the fair sex who live a regular sexual life without using condoms are much less likely to suffer from depression and stress.

Semen contains three so-called natural antidepressants. They are able to improve mood, sleep, and maintain a favorable level of general psychological state.

Previously, scientists have conducted a number of studies and found that unprotected sex is especially useful for people who have recently suffered a myocardial infarction.

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