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How to raise virility

They say skin is the window of intestinal activity, the eyes are the window of the soul, but your penis is the window of your overall health. If the system works properly, your penis will work properly too.

how to raise virility

Many of our habits can have a negative effect on erectile function. For example, smoking leads to poor blood supply to the penis, which can lead to weak erection. The worst thing is that the process of this violation is long, and therefore the treatment is also long. The best thing to do is give up smoking!

Heart diseases and blood vessels (atherosclerosis, hypertension) also lead to spasm of the arteries, making adequate blood supply to the penis impossible. At the same time, attempts to forcefully launch blood into the genitals (using various pharmaceuticals) can lead to serious consequences: rupture of a blood clot, stroke, heart attack, etc.

There are other hidden causes: hormonal disorders, diseases of the nervous system, etc. So if one terrible day your penis will let you down, it means that it’s time to check your health. Never try to cure it yourself. Go to the doctor to cure erectile dysfunction. He will find out the reason and very soon you will be able to enjoy good sex.


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