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How to make a stunning blowjob: 11 tips from an expert

In oral sex, you need to do everything not just well, but very well. It doesn't matter who is at the bottom. There are several tips for improving oral sex.

how to make a stunning blowjob

Turn off the lights

If it's hard to concentrate, turn off the lights. Many girls are shy to show that they like the process. If you are one of them, turn off the light - it will allow you to relax. The darkness will distract from the idea of making repairs.

Don't do a deep blowjob if you don't want to

If he wants to try, demonstrate how it happens, but without swallowing. Grasp the base of the penis with your fingers, and place the rest of it in your mouth. You may raise your tongue to the palate of your mouth so that the penis glans is from the seamy side.

Invite him to try the same thing that you do

Let him caress your clitoris with his tongue - this will increase your pleasure. If you don't like it, let it work as before.

Not all men get an orgasm from oral sex

Many representatives of the stronger sex do not like it when oral sex becomes the main action; they prefer them as an element of foreplay. Their favorite dish is a hot woman ready to take an excited cock.

The taste of the lubricant may be pleasant

In most cases, you have to use a lubricant. It used to be that all the lubricants resembled an incomprehensibly made candy. Today they taste very pleasant.

Talk to each other

Communication is an important part of the action that takes place in bed. It is unlikely that any of you may read minds, and even during lovemaking. Be sure to discuss what is happening. But the conversations must be in the correct form. E.g.: I love it when you... or I want you to...

Hands are a good alternative to the mouth

Don't do anything uncomfortable in bed. If the muscles of the face are sore, and you want to continue, use your hands. Caress the bridle with your tongue. He may pay attention not only to the intimate area

If it stimulates different parts of your body, you will reach the peak of pleasure faster. A man may give caresses to the nipples or other places, touching which gives you pleasure.

Use the cooling as a warming up

In moments of passion, it becomes stuffy. Try to put a fan next to the bed to get a vivid feeling from the combination of the warmth of his mouth and the cold air currents.

Go ahead

Gently place yourself on his face so that he could touch you and give you a vivid feeling.

Decide on a pose

Blowjob does not have to be done on your knees. There are a lot of other ideas, for example, you may lie down, and he may stand over you on his knees.


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