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How to improve sex: top 3 useful products

Healthy eating strengthen erection, prolong sexual intercourse and improve the quality of sexual life. If you add these tree products to your menu you will see the positive changes in your sex.

How to improve sex

The following products are recommended:

  1. Nuts. It's better to chose cedar nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almond or walnut. Unshelled nuts contain more vitamins. Some of them are afrodesiac. Also nuts are rich in zinc which increases the level of sex hormones.
  2. Fruits. They are rich in fiber and flavonoids. Apples and peas are especially useful. If you eat fruit regularly they will stimulate blood circulation in genetales and improve the erection.
  3. Chocolate and cocoa. It's recommended to chose 65% bitter chocolate. This type of chocolate is rich in antioxidants and other useful ingredients. They will improve your mood. Also cocoa rises libido. Its important not to eat too much of these products and not to overeat before sex. If you have a couple of nuts or a piece of chocolate one or two hours before sex, it will do you good.


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