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How to give a man maximum pleasure?

A woman is likely to want to thank her man if she got what she needed from him and if he proved his loyalty and did a lot of good for her. The rating of ways to satisfy men was compiled by Western experts.

How to satisfy a man?

In the first place in this rating is the sexual initiative that comes from a woman. Although many men do not admit this, almost all of them like it when his companion offers sex and begins to undress him.

In second place are women's screams and moans during sex. This fact has long been no secret to anyone – representatives of the stronger sex like it when their companions make loud sounds during sex. This gives them double satisfaction.

On the third position in this rating is active behavior in sex. Jokes in the style of «my ex was a log, and I'm a woodcutter»‎ appeared for a reason. According to many ladies, they just need to appear in a beautiful way in front of their partner and go to bed. Everything else is a man's business. But it will be good if during intimacy a woman will actively move her hips, caress herself and her man.


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