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How harmful is the lack of sex for a woman?

Natalia Manukhina, a family psychologist, shared her opinion with the publication «Slovo I Delo» on what to beware of women over 30 years old.

Lack of sex

She believes that they should not start dating men just to have sex. Men have two views on a relationship with a woman, the third does not exist. The first option is a future wife, the second-a potential mistress.

According to the psychologist, if a woman under 30 years of age has not started a permanent relationship with a representative of the stronger sex, it means that she is ready to establish life and arrange life on her own, is able to provide herself financially. Before you start dating a man, you need to figure out who you want him to be – a friend, an assistant in solving everyday problems, a lover, a husband and a father of your children. Natalia Manukhina summing up, noted that it is not necessary to start a relationship with sex, so as not to become a woman for bed pleasures.


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