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Here are some tips on how to masturbate

During quarantine many people release their tension and fight stress with the help of masturbation. It involves delivering pleasure to yourself with the help of your own hands.


How to masturbate

  1. It’s very important to choose time when nobody will disturb you and no sounds will distract you. You must be totally relaxed and ready to get pleasure.
  2. Think of something that excites you. You can fantasize about having sex with a man you like or you can just watch a porn movie.
  3. Start exploring your body very gently. Pay attention to every millimeter of it. Think of the things that excite you during sex with a man. Maybe you like gentle touching and kissing, maybe you like it when he ceases your neck and pulls your hair. Tune in to the right wave-length listen to your body. Take your time. Any rush will spoil your pleasure. Explore and discover your own erogenic zones and find new ways of treating them.
  4. When you start to breath more frequently, it means that you are getting excited. Start touching your boobs and your nipples. Start with gentle touching and finish with light slaps. It may turn out that pain makes you horny.
  5. When you feel clonus in your vagina, it’s time to start caressing this part of your body. Find the most sensitive part of your body – your clitoris. Play with your vulvar lips and slap your clitoris slightly. Touch it and play with it. It will give you lots of pleasure. Move up and down, change directions and pressure. Adhere to your sensations but don’t stop. Move into top gear while touching yourself.
  6. Don’t be afraid to cause pain. If you feel ashamed you would better visit a psychologist or sexologist. It’s absolutely fine to touch yourself and experiment with your own body. Achieving orgasm with yourself is great and you mustn’t be ashamed of it. Explore your sexuality, experiment with different types of movements, pressure and watch your emotions. Enjoy every minute of your masturbation.
  7. Don’t distract and don’t think of anything except your pleasure. Don’t let your sexual arousal go down. Keep enjoying yourself and don’t let anybody or anything spoil this process. Think of a porn movie or fantasize about sex that you have always been dreaming of.
  8. If you feel that you want to have sex, use your vibrator or dildo. First try inserting your fingers into your vagina. Don’t stop until you cum. Don’t stop halfway. Listen to your body and change the rhythm of your motions if you feel like. Your aim is to achieve orgasm. Remember, if you can’t achieve orgasm by yourself, no man will be able to help you. You must know your own body, know all your erogenic zones and how to treat them. Then you will be able to show it to a man and achieve orgasm while having sex with him.
  9. If you don’t succeed from the first time, don’t be disappointed. Try to do it next time and you will manage to please yourself. Don’t give up. Every woman is able to learn how to please herself.

If you want to live in harmony with yourself and your partner, you should learn how to get pleasure during sex and masturbation. Then your life will be much happier. It will help you to fight stress and have less arguments with your partner.


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