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Getting ready for anal sex

If you want your anal intercourse to go smoothly, you should get ready properly. Anal sex can cause pain if you are not ready and it can bring you to bliss if you know what to do.

getting ready for anal sex

If you don’t want to feel pain, adhere to the following tips:

  1. Your female partner must be totally relaxed. A long foreplay including anus licking (rimming) will help her to feel that you love and appreciate her.
  2. Start with penetrating your partner’s anus with one finger, then add one more finger thus stretching her asshole in order to penetrate it with your dick. Use lots of lubrication to avoid injuries and not to cause pain. Be gentle and listen to your partner. It’s a good foreplay which will prepare your partner for anal sex.
  3. Use anal pearls. Don’t try to save money, buy good anal pearls from silicone. Insert them into the ass one by one and enjoy the process. Try different types of different sizes and get new sensations.


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