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Fundamental guide to libido

Our body is updated throughout life. As a result, the hormonal background changes, which is one of the main factors that determine the level of sexual desire.


Many people have heard about libido, but hardly everyone has an idea of what sexual desire is.

WomanHit experts helped to deal with this difficult issue.

1. Everything is much more complicated than just having sex.

The human body is a very complex system. It is difficult to achieve complete harmony of physical condition and psyche. For this reason, there are situations when there is an opportunity to engage in sex, but there is no desire. Or Vice versa, when there is a desire, but there is no possibility. Both situations are quite normal and occur much more often than you think.

2. «Normal libido» – what is it?

No two people are the same in the world. Similarly, there are no two identical opinions about what a normal libido is. No one can say when it will appear and what its strength will be in a particular time period. Often you need to put a lot of effort to get the desired result.

3. In the pursuit of an ideal libido, you can get problems.

Most often, these are psychological problems. It happens that a person sets out to become a first-class lover. When trying to achieve this goal, he tries by all means to achieve a high level of sexual desire and maintain it. But the body is not always ready for this, and sometimes begins to fail. And then such a person gets a strong blow to his self-esteem.

4. The mismatch of temperament with the partner's one.

This is a normal situation. If your loved one at the moment does not want to have sex or agrees, but reluctantly, it does not mean that he/she has cooled to you. It may be that in order to achieve the level of sexual desire that you usually experience, he has to put a lot more effort. Perhaps a high level of arousal is much less common. You should not judge your partner when such negative thoughts occur; otherwise problems in intimacy are unlikely to be avoided.

5. Libido tends to change.

All our life, the body changes, it is updated, and the hormonal background changes. The level of hormones is a determining factor that affects the strength of sexual desire. Its level, in addition, is also affected by the use of certain medications. These medications include antidepressants or hormonal birth control pills. Also, the level of libido can be affected by chronic diseases, for example, diabetes, and mental disorders.

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