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Educational program for sex toys

Sex toys will bring variety and spice to your sex life. It often happens that among couples who have been together for a long time, sexual fatigue appears and you want a variety. If you are also affected by this problem, then its solution will be the use of sex toys.

sex toys

Ring for erection

If you like it when your partner pleases you with oral caresses, then use an erection ring. During cunnilingus, bring it to the vagina and get an incredible orgasm. It feels incredible!

Panties with a vibrator

Of course, this invention is intended only for girls. The kit includes a remote control that can adjust the vibration modes. Believe me; neither you nor your partner will be bored. With such panties, it is easy to experience a bright clitoral orgasm.

Testicular stretcher-parachute

This is a toy for males. The parachute, which can be either eco-leather or natural, forms a cone over the testicles. From the «parachute» hang three chains with a ring on which you can hang the load. A man's scrotum stretches and he feels unreal pleasure from this.

Double masturbator

Toy is for males. Get on your knees; stick both cocks in the holes and start masturbating. During the process, you may kiss your partner. Try to reach the finish line and experience an orgasm at the same time.

Double dildo

Girls will appreciate the toy. It will help to keep two participants in the process in the same role. Believe me, both partners will enjoy this game.

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