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Depraved adult games

Most sexual partners have sex in the classic, so to speak, in its original form. But sometimes couples show a desire to diversify their intimate life.

depraved games

Table tennis game for undressing.

A couple puts a pair of glasses from plastic on the opposite ends of the table (several pieces at each end). The partners stand opposite each other. Then one by one they throw the ball, trying to get it into the glasses at the opposite end of the table. If the partner hits the plastic glass by a ball, the other removes it from the table and must remove the item of clothing. The game will continue until there is not a single glass left on the table. Who lost that and will fulfill the sexual desire of the partner.

Sexual cards.

It is necessary to agree on which suit, what sexual value will be, for example, diamonds-to kiss nipples, hearts-erotic massage, spades-to masturbate, crosses-to have oral sex.

Sexual partners take cards one at a time and do what they mean. This lasts for as many seconds as there are scores on the card.

One step forward and two steps back.

The woman is in bed and her partner is at the bedroom door. She asks him about herself. Questions are different: both usual (favorite movie or flower), and sexual (erotic fantasies, erogenous zones, and others). How well he knows his partner will depend on how quickly they start having sex.


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