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Coronavirus had a great influence on sex and contraceptives market

European experts claim that pandemic has had a great influence on people’s sexual life and on the contraceptives market.

contraceptives market

As expected, condoms have lost popularity in regions with a large number of cases - Italy and the UK. In these countries the sales of contraceptives dropped to a record low.

The following information was published by the British company Reckitt Benkiser, producing the most famous brand of condoms Durex.

“Durex sales moderately declined as the self-isolation rules affected demand in both Europe and emerging markets in March,” says Reckitt Benkiser.

However, paradoxical as it sounds, the first few months of the pandemic provoked a sharp increase in the sale of contraceptives. The subsequent fall is due to the fact that people try to contact as little as possible, and, accordingly, they refuse from sex. At least, the head of the company Laksman Narasimhan is sure of this.


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