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Anal sex: preparing wisely

Anal sex is a fashionable trend in the intimate life of men and women, which is strongly promoted by porn content. However, not every novice knows that without training, «to go from the rear»‎ in sexual games is not worth it.

Anal sex

In order for the sexual game to bring not disappointment, but pleasure, you need to adhere to simple rules:

  1. Necessary to perform hygiene procedures. Emptying of the bowel and washing in shower is a mandatory stage. Definitely it's not worth taking food before anal intercourse. Wash the anus thoroughly (and do not forget about your «front part» too) with non-irritating products. Some people make enemas, but this is not necessary, you can do with an anal shower.
  2. Workout. Before letting a man's penis into the anus, a woman should try with objects that she can completely control. Well, at least with two fingers. A small size dildo will do too. Don't forget to use plenty of lube.
  3. We will not start, but continue. Anal should go like the cherry on the cake, after both partners are sufficiently excited. With a man, everything is clear, and a woman who is warmed up properly will be much easier to relax and enjoy.


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