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6 secrets of ideal sex

Quarantine can limit sexual life of some couples because all family members are staying at home and a couple can’t stay one on one.

ideal sex

Spontaneous passion and no time for sex? Your child can watch cartoons no longer then 5 minutes? It’s not a reason to refuse from sex.

Here are a couple of tips for quick sex.

1. A wall

Sex near the wall is very comfortable especially if a woman is wearing skirt or dress. If she is wearing jeans it will be a bit more difficult. It’s important to find something to be able to hold. You can lean against the wall or a table. A man is actually standing in a doggy style and changing the angle you may change your sensations.

2. Kneeling

Oral sex gives quicker orgasm then usual vaginal sex. So one of the partners can be sitting on the chair and the other is doing oral sex him or her. Let your partner know if he or she is doing it all right.

3. Vertical cuddling

This sex position resembles tango. A woman puts her legs on a man’s hip and he is holding his woman by her waist. This sex position allows stimulating the front of the vagina and a woman can achieve orgasm by stimulating G-spot. It’s recommended to have a wall behind a woman’s back.

4. On the table

If you and your partner have a big difference in statue, sex may cause a lot of discomfort. A table will help you. A woman can be lying on the table with her face up or down and a man can be standing near the table and penetrating his woman.

5. On the chair.

A woman can sit on her partner’s lap and you may have sex on the chair. Ensure that the chair is reliable enough.

6. On the back

If you are lying on your back, you can still achieve orgasm very quickly. You can lie on your back and put your feet against the bed. You or your partner can stimulate your clitoris. A partner will hold you by your hips and you will achieve orgasm very quickly.

Also there are some tips for quick sex

1) Your behaviour before sex should be seductive but not vulgar. Your attitude is very important.

2) Use lubrication. Apply several drops on your clitoris or G-spot for quick orgasm even in missionary position.

3) Mini vibrator may help you to warm-up very quickly.

4) It’s better to know your partner’s erogenic zones or at least know the average erogenic zones of other men/women.


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