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5 useful properties of orgasm

Orgasms, which you may experience both independently and with a partner, have a number of advantages.

the useful properties of the orgasm

Due to frequent bright orgasms, there is a regular release of endorphins in the body. Mental and physical health also improves, and a closer emotional connection with the partner is formed. However, there are still a number of useful properties of orgasm.

Sleep quality improves

Do you feel sleepy after an orgasm? This is not only due to physical exertion, but also due to the fact that at the moment of orgasm, your body releases chemicals, for example, serotonin and oxytocin, as well as prolactin and others.

When these chemicals work together, you feel relaxed and want to go to sleep.

Doctors note that the hormone prolactin, which is released during orgasm, helps to feel pleasantly relaxed and tired. After a bright orgasm, it's easy to fall into a deep, healthy sleep.

Sex life will become more harmonious and brighter

Masturbation helps you not only get to know yourself and your body better, but also understand what you like about sex and what you don't like very much. You may share your experience with your partner. Such frankness will benefit your personal life. Be open and honest with your significant other. Listen and get to know each other.

Analgesic effect

Research shows that orgasms help reduce pain symptoms. German scientists in 2013 found that orgasm helps to get rid of headaches. 65% of the participants confirmed that sex helps with migraines and cluster headaches. After sex, the pain eased, and the subjects felt much better.

It is worth noting that the study of German scientists still did not cover masturbation, but scientists concluded the same scenario. High-quality masturbation will help you get rid of migraines.

However, there is a downside of the coin. 30% of respondents said that sex and orgasm worsened migraines. Therefore, this method of dealing with the problem of headaches is not suitable for everyone. But it's definitely worth a try. Suddenly you are in the group of those lucky people who make up 65%.

The benefits for the heart

Do not forget that when you have sex, your heart rate and pulse increase, and then you reach orgasm.

Doctors note that increasing the heart rate has a beneficial effect on the heart. When a person experiences an orgasm, his body begins to work at a speed that is comparable to physical exercise. The most striking example of this exercise is brisk walking.

Glowing skin

Immediately make a reservation that the skin will not shine during masturbation, but during sexual intercourse with a partner. If we consider the issue from a medical point of view, during masturbation and sex, blood flow increases. More oxygen begins to circulate in the human body. Blood flow is responsible for reddening the skin. It also produces collagen, which prolongs the skin's youth and provides moisture. By having sex and reaching orgasm, you can improve the quality of your skin and prolong its freshness and youth.

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