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3 poses for frenzied sex

People in their long and, frankly, lustful history have come up with a lot of poses in order to have sex. Some of them are simple, while others can only be mastered by true masters. We will tell you about the three most popular sexual positions.

sex positions

No. 1 - «like a dog», or «doggystyle». 35% of couples who went to professional sexologists told how they like this pose. It quickly brings to orgasm, and a man can also enjoy the views of a woman's ass and back.

No. 2 - the «missionary position». This pose is liked by 22.5% of couples. It is very simple, the movements are concise. A girl and a guy are least tired in a missionary position, so they can have sex longer.

No. 3 - «shepherdess». The pose is similar to a mix of missionary and «rider» and is able to provide deep penetration. The girl sits on the guy and quickly lies down on him. This pose is to the liking of tired men who by the end of a difficult day do not want to move. «Shepherdess» is practiced in bed by 19.4% of couples. If desired, the pose is convenient to use in the car.


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